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How much salary a CompTIA CASP certified gets? [2022]

It is important to have specific and verified abilities in order to anticipate and prevent future attacks in the current cybersecurity ecosystem. Certifications like the CASP may help IT professionals demonstrate their abilities to potential employers and open doors to more advanced positions in the industry.

What is the CASP certification?

The CASP certification is an information technology (IT) certification offered by compTIA. The CASP certification is designed for professionals who are responsible for the security of IT systems.

Advanced IT security issues are addressed in this certification. It is a globally recognized certificate that is vendor-neutral. This certification, although not needed, has a technical and hands-on emphasis at the enterprise level.

How much does a CASP earn on average?

Location, experience, job title, and even gender all have a role in how much CASP holders make. Female CASP holders tend to earn more than their male counterparts, which is interesting. Female CASP holders have an annual income range of $64,526 to $112,032 whereas only 12 percent of CASP holders are female. Each year, men who have a CASP job earn anything from $56,619 to $102,520 on average.

What is the average CASP salary by city?

Pay for CASP holders can vary significantly based on location. Pay for CASP holders in San Diego tops the list ($68,819 – $126,126), followed by salaries for those in Washington, D.C. 

What is the average pay for a CASP based on years of service?

CASP holders with greater experience tend to earn more, as one would assume. All in all, CASP-certified professionals should expect a good salary throughout their careers.

Average salary of a CASP certified with one to four years of experience is $70,000. While fifteen to twenty years experienced get more than $100,000. 

What Is the Average CASP Salary for Different Job Positions in the Industry?

Job roles affect the salary as well. System engineers with $108,561 and cyber security engineers with $99,822 have the most earning power. While a cyber security analyst may get close to $96,000, an Information security analyst salary on average can be $88,000.

As a CASP qualified professional, what are advantages?

There are many benefits of getting CASP certification. Some of the benefits include: Increased salary and job opportunities, Validation of your skills and knowledge, Greater recognition and respect from your peers, Improved career prospects, A competitive advantage over other IT professionals.


Casp certification can help you boost your salary and career prospects. Earning your casp certification can help you qualify for jobs that pay more, and give you the skills you need to succeed in your career.

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